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Seminar organized by VIOIV Ltd., Chemours International Operations Sarl and BITZER GmbH

Seminar organized by VIOIV Ltd., Chemours International Operations Sarl and BITZER GmbH

         On 30.03.2017 г. in hotel FORUM, VIOIV Ltd. organized a seminar focused on: „New refrigerants of Low GWP, developed by Chemours and performance of BITZER compressors with them. The seminar was organized together with Chemours International Operations Sarl and BITZER GmbH. BITZER and Chemours (successor of DuPont) are long term partners of VIOIV Ltd. working almost 25 years together on the Bulgarian market. Traditionally VIOIV Ltd. is keeping informed his customers and colleagues with all the novelties in the field of refrigeration.  

         The specialists in the field of refrigeration and also the owners of refrigeration installations are facing nowadays a new and serious challenge. With main target to preserve the environment by drastic restraint of carbon emissions of the F-Gases was approved EU F-Gas Regulation (EU) 517/2014. This Regulation is binding on all the countries from European Union. In accordance with EU F-Gas Regulation (EU) 517/2014, up to 2030 the quantity of the released HFCs on the market should be reduced with 79% and the emissions of the gases, different from СО2, including F-Gases should be reduced with 72-73%. This reduction will be fulfilled through a significant, step-by-step decrease of the release on the EC market (production and import) of HFCs, implementation of new refrigerants with low GWP and strict control of the existing refrigeration installations. Mrs. Denitsa Stoyanova - Senior Expert in THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND WATER OF BULGARIA informed the audience about the new legislation.

         In the list of the refrigerants, most seriously affected by the new EU F-Gas Regulation (EU) 517/2014 is FREONTM 404А, having the highest GWP. This refrigerant nowadays is widely used in the refrigeration installations starting from single condensing units up to big compressor racks for supermarket applications and also for processing factories in the field of food industry.

        Chemours, which is a worldwide leading company in developing and production of all the new refrigerants, is already producing a series of refrigerants with low GWP. A detailed information concerning the properties and the application of these refrigerants was presented by Mr. Edoardo Monfrinotti – representative of Chemours. The new refrigerants can be used in new refrigeration installations, as well as for retrofit of the existing ones, working with FREONTM 404А или FREONTM 507А.

       Company BITZER – the other participant in the seminar, is a manufacturer of refrigeration compressor, with the biggest market share in Bulgaria. BITZER’s products are well-known with their high quality, efficiency and reliability. As a leading company in Europe and worldwide, BITZER is investing a lot in the development of new products suitable to use alternative refrigerants. Nowadays BITZER is ready to use all the alternative refrigerants. In the same time BITZER developed and already put in production products with high energy efficiency, reliability and quality. In order to reduce the global warming impact the COP has a decisive importance. In this relation BITZER is the leader among the producers of analogue products. All the novelties in the production of the company was presented by Mr. Martin Grabien – senior technical expert for Eastern Europe.

        The participants in the seminar were informed about the procedures for retrofit of the existing installations on FREONTM 404А (507А) for using of the alternative refrigerant OPTEONTM XP-40 (R-449A). This new, alternative refrigerant is already in regular production by Chemours and VIOIV Ltd. is offering it.

        The specialists of VIOIV Ltd. are ready to answer to all the questions, related to the implementation of the alternative refrigerants.

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