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Seminar organized by VIOIV Ltd and DIXELL Italy

Seminar organized by VIOIV Ltd and DIXELL Italy

On March 14, 2019 and 15 March 2019, VIOIV Ltd. and Dixell-Italy held seminars on "Monitoring systems created by Dixell".

The first workshop was devoted to: Features, Opportunities, and Adjustments to Implementing Systems in Operation and was geared towards the specialists who are now starting to implement these systems. The second seminar was devoted to New Opportunities for XWEB EVO Monitoring Systems Created by Dixell Compared to XWEB CLASIC. Specialists who already have experience in deploying monitoring systems have been invited to participate.

Companies Dixell and VIOIV have a partnership of 23 years. Throughout this time, all of us have been aiming not only to sell equipment and materials but to inform and share with our colleagues and reputable clients the new developments in the area we work for.

It is known that Dixell is a leading company in the creation and manufacture of electronic regulators for refrigeration and air-conditioning. The products offered are always innovative, of high quality and very easy to be set up and operated. All these qualities are the prerequisite for establishing the Dixell brand as number 1 on the Bulgarian market. We take advantage of the opportunity to thank our clients for believing and supporting us so we can maintain this market position.

Requirements for enterprises in the food industry include the availability of reliable systems for objective and accurate measurement, recording and storing of the values ​​of the parameters in the individual premises (refrigeration chambers and handling rooms). Similar requirements exist in many other areas (eg. pharmacy). The monitoring systems , proposed by Dixell,  meet all requirements, offering as well different forms of signaling (alarms) when appears deviation of  the monitored parameters from the set values. These systems are extremely "friendly" in terms of setup, commissioning and maintenance. They offer remote monitoring capabilities and changing parameters when needed. Last but not least, they are the best in terms of index price / quality compared to all other systems available on our market.

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